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Meet Francesca



It all started on her first trip as a child, a trip to exotic Africa when she was only 10 years old. That was the moment when she realized she wanted to do this for a lifetime; to travel.

After that, she traveled from Treviso, in the north region of Italy; to Kenya every summer for several years with her family until she was 18 years old and decided to stay there for a longer period of time and extend her adventure. The wanderlust seed was planted.

From there she never stopped moving, going from Kenya to Spain to Australia where she got a tour leader job that allowed her to do what she wanted the most; getting to know places like Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Fiji, Polynesia, Morocco to name a few. As a result of all the traveling she wished she could take a little piece of each place with her, but at the moment, collecting memories had to be enough since there was no room for additional luggage in the nomad life.

Finally she made it to Mexico, and as soon as she stepped foot in magical Tulum, she knew it was time to stop and grow roots in that place. Life there was hard at the beginning, making her way in a new country with a foreign language where she knew no one wasn’t easy, but she loved Tulum and had the vision of creating something new that would leave her mark there.Back then, Tulum being a hidden paradise was more of a high status destination; giving her the opportunity to meet interesting people from all over the world and different backgrounds; from art dealers to celebrities to shamans and bohemian artists and designers. Seeing all these people creating beautiful things inspired her to gather everything in one room where it could all be exhibited. Francesca always imagined she would set a small corner in her house filled with authentic and original treasures found during her travels; and now that she was meeting the creators of such interesting pieces, made her realize it was the moment to build it.And what better word than “Wanderlust” to name her little boutique that displays such captivating handmade goods from all over the country.